Studying, Working & Living in Germany

If you are here, then there is a high chance that you have interest in Europe and would like to move there, perhaps to Germany. Moving to Germany or to any other new country could involve a lot of work. It is even more work if you don’t know anyone there – no family nor friends. Whatever may be the case, every smart person would want to do their research first before moving to a new country. If you are planning to move to Germany, for whatever purpose, be it for studies, work or family reunion, or even just for tourism, you may want to check the top things to consider before making that trip.

Besides the fact that Germany has some of the world’s renowned and oldest universities with high standard of education, students can also find intercontinentally recognized and valued degree programs with high employment chances. As a student in Germany, you not only have the permission to study, work and live in Germany but also in other EU states (with limited duration though). In other words, Germany serves as a door to other European countries for students studying here. You can travel to over 28 other countries in Europe with your German residence permit. This offers you a big opportunity to not only explore Europe but also to have more options on what to do during and after your studies, thus you are able to begin your journey with the end in mind