The Congo Talks 243

CongoTalks243 was created for inquisitive minds like yours to learn more about the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is no surprise that the image of the DRC is often portrayed as one ravaged by political instabilities and if you are African, this reality is no news to you we believe. This is why we have dedicated this initiative to showcasing the other side of the D.R.C. This is not to negate the facts relating to the difficulties faced by Congolese people but rather to give perspective to issues relating to this country, while also letting the world know that the D.R. Congo is not just what the media says it is. Our goal is to introduce the DRC to the world in a more authentic way by telling stories of its glorious past, its diverse and vibrant culture, and also its everyday lifestyle.

The Kingdom of Kongo was founded by King Lukeni Lua Nimi in the 1300’s. It was made up of some parts of the present-day northern Angola, the western part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo as well as the southern Gabon.